HMR (Hear Me Roar) Apparel is a handmade clothing brand that works to promote gender equality and female empowerment. Through HMR's designs and products we hope to reach girls and young women who have faced issues of discrimination and harassment due to their gender. 



About the Shirts:

“Catcalling is Harassment” was inspired by very real and very scary events. Catcalling is when a man or woman shouts, whistles, or makes threatening gestures towards another person in a sexual manner. In a study done in 2016, 811 women were asked if they had ever been catcalled. 99% of them answered yes, 64% of which said the incident occurred before the age of 17. It’s not okay. It’s not okay to shout horrendous things at a person as they walk down the street or sit on the bus. Women and men deserve to feel safe in public areas. The purpose of the shirt is to spread the word that catcalling is in fact harassment and it is not okay. Ever.

“Girl is Not an Insult” is a phrase that is very near and dear to my heart. I grew up with hearing the word girl used as an insult, girls are growing up with it now. “You’re such a girl.”, “You run like a girl.”, we’ve all heard something like that and we hear it as a negative. When used as an insult girl means weak, indecisive, and less than our male counterparts. The stigma needs to change. Girl should be used to mean strong, confident, and capable.

“Alpha Female” is HMR Apparel’s twist on the classic Alpha Male. When you hear the phrase Alpha Male you think of a strong, confident, and in charge man. We want those same qualities to be thought of when talking about women in leadership positions, the work force, or just everyday life. The promotion of strong women is crucial and standardizing that is a step towards gender equality.

“Let Boys be Feminine” is a phrase that promotes gender equality. It goes against the societal expectation that men have to keep up a masculine image. Gender equality is not just about women being able to do everything that men can do, but men being able to do anything that women can do. People should be able to express themselves freely through fashion, makeup, or anything else deemed feminine by society without the judgmental stigma that comes with it.